Refund Policy

Refund Policy Terms & Conditions

As customer is king!! We do not mind going an extra mile to satisfy the needs and desires of our appreciated customers. We constantly maintain the quality of our drugs and services and take timely feedback from our clients to rectify any shortcomings or lapses immediately. At any point of time, if a customer is not satisfied by our product or service, he/she will be given full refund according to the overall condition of the parcel returned.

The buyers should immediately report about the package to us. Customer contracts related to additional charges, cancellation or change in shipping address state that it is mandatory for the buyer to intimate the supplier about the complaint the next day. The supplier would be under obligation to release the full refund. The customer just has to pay shipment charges that have been borne by the supplier.

However, if the customer has unsealed the package (parcels are sealed for hygiene and health), it cannot be returned to us. If the item has been damaged, we would subtract the refund amount, which we should be paying to you. Furthermore, if you return a faulty item, which cannot be resold, we would not pay any refund.


As soon as we get the return parcel, we credit the amount back in the same bank account from which customer payment was received.  

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